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14/02/2016 22:07
Reflections on 2014 Our choir presented itself in 2014 in thirteen public performances of different...
24/11/2013 22:08
Our mixed chamber choir took  part in 27th International Choir Competition and Festival Praga...
28/09/2013 23:06
The impressive Spring concert at Muzeum hudby was the last time the choir performed under the ...
16/02/2013 22:33
On Sunday December 16, 2012 the choir appeared in the Advent concert in Prague Loreta. We had the...
19/06/2012 19:00
The Spring concert at České muzeum hudby was extremely impressive.  Sfogava con le stelle by...
16/02/2012 19:00
Movements Vivace ma non troppo, Adagio a Allegro molto moderato from  Sonata for...
20/12/2011 19:00
The full house  enjoyed the  variety of music pieces at  this Christmas concert. In...


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